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Calzedonia (pronounced [kaltseˈdɔːnja]) is an Italian fashion brand founded in Verona by Sandro Veronesi in 1986, with over 1,750 shops worldwide as of 2016. It belongs to Calzedonia Group, which also owns Intimissimi, Tezenis, Falconeri, Atelier Emé and SignorVino labels. The Calzedonia brand sells bathing suits, tights, and leggings. Veronesi's son, Marcello Veronesi, is the US CEO.

Inbar mentioned in a review, "DONT EVER ORDER FROM CALZEDONIA if you like your money! TOTAL RIP OFF!!! Their location is in a basement of a huge store, they don't accept returns in store so you need to print the label the costumers service sends you and go ship it back to the HQ hoping for the best. The items in the site are completely different from what you actual receives!! After 2 days from the minute I shipped it back I called to check if the package arrived and the representative said that they don't tell you if the package arrives you'll get an Email with the refund after 14 extra days! Worst service ever!!!!!


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Former Employee - Project Manager says

"They Micro Manage you to death!"

Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I was approached by a recruiter who told me about the opportunity, then met with a DM who gave me the position. Lastly, after complaining my first 2 weeks. I had a conversation with HR regarding my position being eliminated. Over all, I left a brand that was amazing and could not wait to make me a store manager. But I foolishly decided to be apart of this brand who made me believe I can get on track becoming a store manager. To now being unemployed, I wish I stayed at my other job as a ASM. But lesson learned."

Current Employee - Key Holder says

"There was not a lot of work/ life balance"

Former Employee - Key Holder says

"Management Clothes Corporate Cameras Boring Closing"


"The boss is catty and has favoritism."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-Zero work life balance -Constant micromanaging from upper management -Useless HR department- you can go to them with the same issue three times and nothing is done -Huge cultural disconnect with upper management and the way they treat/speak to employees -Unrealistic goals for a brand no one knows in the US -Huge turnover rate"

Current Employee - Assistant Store Manager says

"The company is very unorganized and unappreciative. They only care about numbers and do not recognize other hard work. They will also try to short your check as much as they can without you noticing. Many corporate people are condescending and talk to people like they’re dogs."

Former Employee - District Manager says

"- HR is a joke - paychecks are incorrect and paid too late - the salary is not conform to the rest of the country - impossible targets - upper management is very harsh. Italian way of selling is too pushy for Belgium - not a lot of training for either management or sales assistants - a lot of pressure in the shops - all opportunities go to italian expat - a lot of 'favourites' in the company. When you are blessed to be the favourite you can do nothing wrong, else watch out to be shouted at."

Former Employee - Sales Assistant says

"salary, stress, disorganisation,unprofessional, you never reach the target"

Assistant Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"This company is absolutely horrible to work for. Upper management and corporate does not value in store employees at all. Instead of promoting internally, the company would prefer to hire externally, but then continues to wonder why turnover rate is so high. In store employees are also severely underpaid, all while the company brings in employees from Italy, who are paid their salary, are given cars, corporate credit cards, and also have their rent paid for them as well. Corporate also requires the store door to be kept open despite no working heat or air conditioning. The door being kept open in the summer with no air conditioning, and during the winter even with freezing conditions. ALSO- during a sewage leak where there is water leaking down the sales floor walls, smelling completely like sewage, they keep the store open! They'd prefer to have the doors open than their employees well"

Vendedora (Former Employee) says

"Otro trabajo que trabajabas bajo presión y objetivos.nadatodo"

Aux almacén (Former Employee) says

"El ambiente es pésimo no te toman en cuenta como persona ni tu trabajo ni desempeño el encargado solo tiene prioridad a los q le hacen la barba y tener que soportar su humor del encargadoPrestacionesPésimo hambiente de trabajo"

Verkäuferin (Former Employee) says

"Es nicht gute team, jede denkt an sich selbst und die neue missen alles selbere machen bekommen keine hilfe. Segr schlechte Erfahrung."

Retail Assistant Manager (Current Employee) says

"There is so much more this company has to learn as far as the American market goes. There are just too many things that are out of order or don’t make sense to even list here. There have been many employees who tried to change things and help the company better themselves, and of course they’re no longer with the company. I believe that speaks for itself. Do your research and you will find the truth. Learn the American market, what works in Europe DOES NOT WORK IN THE UNITED STATES. Especially in NEW YORK. Treat your employees better and show that you appreciate them, at least provide water at work! The turn over rate isn’t high for no reason, the company and management are obviously doing something wrong. Without the associates, the company has nothing. So do more for your workers and listen to them more. I garuntee the turnover rate will continue to increase if Calzedonia does not change their ways."

Einzelhandelskauffrau (Current Employee) says

"Beim Bewerbungsgespräch wird Dir der Himmel auf Erden versprochen. Man denkt sich wow mega Team da muss ich arbeiten und letztendlich bereut man da nur. Unfähige Chefs egal welche Position , keine Absprache , mega freches und oft schmerzendes Verhalten den Mitarbeitern gegenüber. Man muss ein dickes Fell haben sonst geht man nach paar Wochen weinend wieder dort raus .Es haben 4 Mitarbeiter das Unternehmen nun verlassen und das Nichtvorhandensein ohne Grund und von sich selber aus !KeineAlles"

Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"I worked at Intimissimi Soho, During my short time there I realized the company has absolutely no direction. I’ve worked in various retail stores (high end) not sure what made me apply here but it was the most unprofessional place I have ever worked, Everyone is always confused. Pretty much everyone in the company is Italian and it’s extremely hard to communicate because no one understands. The company has poor management. They literally will hire someone with no experience and promote them within a month to run the store As for the workers they are MISERABLEEE. It is a lot of favoritism going on, the managers are super young and inexperienced. They are CATTY! My advice RUN RUN RUN. Not a place to work if your trying to advance in your professional life.Pretty storesFavoritism, hard to communicate with upper management, poor management, disorganized"

Vendedora (Former Employee) says

"Entré con un contrato de tres meses, y en el último mes mi encargada me dijo que se me renovaría si me comprometía con la empresa. Le dije que sí, que no se preocupara, que no me iba a ir a otra empresa si me llamaban en navidades y que no los iba a dejar tirados, ya que, si yo firmo un contrato con una empresa, lo firmo hasta el final. Y además, porque nunca sabes lo que te va a pasar en un futuro y si dejas a alguna empresa tirada, no tienes posibilidades de que te vuelvan a llamar si necesitas un trabajo en un futuro. También sacrifiqué dos cursos que me interesaban hacer por el simple hecho de que me iban a renovar y no quería tener problemas por los cambios de horarios, por lo que decidí declinar la oferta de hacerlos. Entonces, después de darme mis horarios de la semana después de mi cese de contrato y de tomarme medidas de mis nuevos uniformes, deciden, el último día de contrato, decirme que no me van a renovar y que ya me llamarían para recoger el finiquito. Imaginad con la cara que me quedé, y encima me fui cabreada porque no me lo dijo la encargada, que siempre me dijo que me renovarían si no, que dejó que me lo dijera la segunda encargada, cosa que no me gustó, pero que tuve que aceptar. Mi sueldo de 20 horas semanales era de 424€Aprendes a convivir con la presiónSueldo bajo"

Dependienta adjunta (Current Employee) says

"No quiero a entrar a valorar nada, cada quien tiene su experiencianadanada"

Vendedora (Former Employee) says

"Me voy porque me prometieron por activa y pasiva que los movimientos de horario eran algo pasajero y no paraban de cambiar los horarios 3 y 4 veces en la misma semana del horario ya fijado, partidos todos los días sin ser encargada, más de una semana sin librar, y se paga justo por debajo del salario mínimo interpuesto por los sindicatos. Te hacen firmar una cláusula en la que especifica que las horas complementarias no se pagan como extras (cosa ilegal por convenio) y te cambian constantemente de tienda sin tener plus de transporte.... Todo bonito vamos. 8 horas sin descanso, no tienes descuento de empleada salvo que seas indefinida (cosa imposible por otra parte...)Las compañerasTodo"

Dependienta y cajera (Former Employee) says

"Mis compañeras de Intimissimi me enseñaron todo lo relacionado con la tienda, productos, organización y funcionamiento de cero. Allí me encargaba de la apertura y cierre, reposición, perfilado de la tienda, organización y limpieza. En tienda aprendí a gestionar pedidos y datos sobre ventas. He tenido la oportunidad de desarrollar una mejor atención personalizada al cliente. En este trabajo tenía encima de mi constantemente la presión de vender. Cada persona que salía de la tienda sin comprar nada era como un fracaso, porque los jefes así nos lo hacían sentir. Esa es su forma de trabajar y es la parte más difícil de estar Intimissimi."

Vendeuse (Former Employee) says

"Pression énorme sur les vendeuse quant à leur chiffre. Obligée de harceler les clients et de les assister pour les pousser à vendre sans leur laisser le droit de juste regarder. C'est franchement la première fois que je vois un magasin où on fait subir ça au client. DR qui parle à ses vendeuses pire qu'à des chiens. A la dernière minutes, on doit êtr dispo pour bouger dans un autre magasin pas franchement à côté. Salaire minable, meme si on compte les primes comparé à comment on est traité et à la pression qu'on a c'est que dalle. Heures supp pas toujours rattrappées, il faut vraiment être malade pour rester là bas. Et bien sûr pas de solde tout compte (90€ si on peut appeler ça un solde tout compte). Dès qu'on se dit un mot entre vendeuse et qu il n'y pas de client dans le magasin, on se fait engueuler. Même comme cliente je n'y reviendrai, mutuellepression, aucun respect"

Conseillère de vente (Former Employee) says

"Meme si je n'ai pas aimé le management et l'entreprise, je garde une bonne expérience car j'aime découvrir de nouveau monde et pouvoir toucher à toutLes articles venduLa société"

Stage - Conseillère en ventes (Former Employee) says

"Je n'ai jamais été payée, la direction ne répond à aucun de mes messages. Direction machiste et certaines lois françaises ne sont pas respectées.Tout"

Flagship Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Intimissimi was the worst managerial role I’ve ever experienced. The company does not care about its employees, or their feedback. Upper management is extremely unprofessional, they don’t communicate properly to the store level staff, they talk about staff with other staff members all the time, they play favorites and they are very sneaky. Nobody on the team is trained properly because most people don’t get to actually finish their training period before being expected to sell sell sell. All the company cares about is making money, and they don’t realize that if you treat the people working in the store, like garbage, eventually they will not put forth effort. Corporate comes to the store and doesn’t even speak English, even though they know how to. So it makes the environment very uncomfortable. Summer in the store was like a sweat shop, winter in the store is freezing because they want the door open. When staff complains about the temperature in the store, upper management insists the policy is to have the door open, and that they company has the money to pay any fines issued for violations. Overall, if you’re working here, RUN, if you’re interested, RUN.DiscountUnprofessional work environment"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"No room to grow and manage are literally the worse people I’ve ever met. Staff turnover is the worse I’ve ever seen it and corporate does not see why."

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Das Schlimmste Unternehmen fur das ich je gearbeitet habe. Management ist sehr unfähr, sehr arrogant, und Mitarbeiter werden sogar gemobbt."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"It’s the worst place to work! Old software , employees have no rights . Plans are unrealistic therefore you don’t make bonus or commission and no work life balance . It’s straight out of the old days of retail . Run because they will work you to death and then tell you could have done better !"

Vendedora (Current Employee) says

"Péssima administração, muita sobrecarga de função , comissão baixa"

Ayudante de almacen (Former Employee) says

"Es un lugar donde el chisme es lo primero, tiene favoritismo entre empleados y donde el machismo se ve desde las oficinas, literal no puedes hablar de nada con nadie por qué ya se enteró hasta la recepcionista de RH y tú estás en el almacén, despidos injustificados, mal trato. Para nada recomiendo este lugar para laboral Y aguas con los hombres que trabajan en el almacen por qué aparte de morbosos están peor que en los mercados divulgado chismes y lamiendole los eggs al patrón.PlTodo lo que pasa en el almacén"

Georgina says

"I’d give less stars if I could, do NOT buy from this company! I bought an order in the Black Friday sales, order came two weeks later (amazingly as they put the wrong address but my Hermes guy knows my flat number) opened it and it was completely incorrect, spent days trying to contact customer service to no avail, went into store and the staff couldn’t even get hold of customer services! After not hearing back I rang the bank and filed a claim of fraud and reported this company to trading standards!"

Yentl Witteman says

"Calzedonia i think it is a scam. I paid 50 euro never received my order.I called them 4 times they never call me back . Chat email i get no contact. I am very sad."

Isabella Peuten says

"Sadly, I too have paid for my order but never recieved a confirmation email. I have tried contacting costumer service, but neither my calls nor emails were answered. This is truly upsetting since I spent almost 50 euros on their website. I will never order from Calzedonia again."

Talia P says

"Absolutely terrible experience. On January 1 I paid them almost 70 euro for an online order only to get:
- no order confirmation, I cannot even track it since I have no order number!
- absolutely no comment on that from customer care, does it even exist?
- no delivery;
- no refund.
Worthy of a legal action and surely, never will I buy anything from Caledonia again."

Bengtsson001 says

"Ordered online on the 27th December 20 and now the 17 January 2021 and no delivery of order, no update and cannot ever get through to customer service. Most shocking online shopping service ever.

Maybe the next high street chain to go bust."

Sophie Gilbert says

"I cannot speak to anyone!!!!!
42nd in the queue the other day......
I've waited 'in the queue' today for 1.5hrs on chat.
No answer on phones, and they hang up so can't even wait."

Anastasia Dimitriadou says

"Instead of wasting your time answering on trust pilot promising that you will contact us and resolve our issues how about actually contacting us or refunding us or answering your emails???? I will keep on leaving horrible reviews until you get in touch"

I LOVE NY says

"The worst customer service ever !!!
Never again that’s for sure !!!
Ordered it tru their chart,I’m small so I ordered 1/2 and it’s soooo small and I am 5’4 and 120 I can’t even put them on so one pair I tried and I kept them but other two I sent back more than a month ago 12.10.2020 and today is 1.15.2021 can’t talk to anyone and no refund !!!
Worst service I have ever experienced !!!
Do not recommend !!!
I wish I read reviews before I ordered 😩"

Ariadna Arabadzhi says

"I’ve never experienced something like this before. I’ve placed an order on the 6th of January, the parcel hasn’t arrived yet, customer service is not responding to my emails. I have to wait for hours to be connected to an assistant in the chat. I used to love Calzedonia since I lived in Italy, but this experience is just terrible."

Valeria Montenegro says

"Really rude staff, I came in today at Calzedonia Stockholm store in Västermalms gallerian and to my shock I was poorly greeted by a tired, rude, spanish speaking store manager, who didn't even bother to smile, she just said with a condescending tone: do you want anything? So off putting, very unprofessional, good luck shopping there. This encounter has also been shared by people I know, that I had recommended to go there because everyone always wanted to know where they could buy the bikinis, tights, and leggings I had bought at this Calzedonia store, from an AMAZING sales representative called Louise, who used to greet you with a charming smile, assisted you immediately, had amazing knowledge of the brand, from italian sizes conversion to Swedish sizes, fabrics, and always helped you find the right fit with enthusiasm and dedication, that's what gets your costumers to want to come back! It's thanks to Louise that I started loving the brand and became a regular costumer. But unfortunately she no longer works there since last year. Now, its just unfriendly staff, who have no brand knowledge, and do not want to be working there, neither care about providing professional customer service, sad because at other Calezedonia locations such as: Sture Gallerian, the staff does provide a 5 stars costumer service, and they do go beyond for their costumers, with professionalism, and kindness like it should be. I hope Calzedonia management will do something to help motivate, and train their their staff better from their Västermalmsgallerian store, to avoid loosing more costumers, or bring Louise back, PLEASE!"

Anastasia Dimitriadou says

"I paid for express shipping on the 5th of January received my tracking number the same day. On the 11/1 I received an email claiming my parcel was shipped. Now UPS claims that they haven’t received the parcel yet. Calzedonia chat has a couple of hours waiting time. Their phone is not working and they are not responding to my emails. I’ve been a customer of calzedonia and intimissimi for years but I’ve had enough! I’ll make sure everyone knows how horrible the service is and this is the last time I’m ordering anything from them!!!"

Alicia Leavitt UK says

"I ordered two items on the 26th of December, still not arrived, can’t get through to anyone from customer service. Want my money back and order cancelled so will be putting in pay pals hands now. Never again."

Nadine Hossam says

"I paid through Klarna and paused the payment as I returned the order due to size problems but then even though I got a confirmation of my return from Calzedonia, Klarna contacted me saying that the store never got back to them and confirmed the return. I emailed Calzedonia several times with no response. Never ordering from them again!"

Cláudia Pereira says

"I have returned two items in the beginning of December and had to pay UPS the return in spite of saying in the website, the returns are free. I haven’t received my refund until now and I have the proof they received the return in December 12th. I tried to contact Calzedonia several times over the phone, chat and email and nothing seems to be working. I was trying to be understanding because of the pandemic but this is no longer acceptable. I have been a client for many years, since in my home country, this is a popular brand but apparently their costumer service in the US doesn’t work and it is very unfortunate. Does anyone know what should we all do?"

Steve Hambleton says

"Ordered items 6th December in time for Christmas. Received notification from couriers that parcel was to be delivered, but to a non-existent address. Tried and tried to get Calzedonia to change address but customer service is appalling.

Three weeks after Christmas and still nothing. I believe the parcel has been returned to Calzedonia but still nothing from them. I have put in Paypal's hands to get refund.

Absolutely shocking experience!"

Alison says

"Still no response from customer service to resolve this issue, despite reply to previous trust pilot review.

Placed and paid for an order in October, order still not received, nor have I had any response to the several emails sent to their customer service regarding this.

I have ordered from them previously and there were no issues. Appreciate there may be problems with delivery due to the ongoing global pandemic, however, this is very poor customer service."

Lia says

"It's been 5 weeks now since I made a return and I never received any confirmation or anything, even after number of emails asking them just to let me know how long am I supposed to wait to get my money back! I liked their products and used visit their shops, but I will never order online from Calzedonia ever again!
And even after your reply here I still have not heard from you!"

Roksanna Kozlowska says

"Unbelievable customer service I have made an order on 26th December its 12th January and I have not recived my order. Phones are off chat not working emails no response. They have charged me but no order. Very poor customer service never will order again!"

Mro says

"If I could give it zero stars I would. Worst shopping experience EVER, it's like dealing with a store in a third world country. Customer service is basically non-existent, the items arrive with weeks of delay and when they finally get to you, they are not even good quality. Returning things is the worst, I have YET to receive my money back on items I returned a MONTH ago. NEVER BUY FROM CALZEDONIA."

Maria Daniela Dapena Rivero says

"Terrible customer service, I returned an order a month ago and never received my refund. I'd tried to contact customer service for a week now and not answer by phone, email, or live chat. Worst experience ever."

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